1 1/2 cups navy beans
3/4 cup medium white pearl barley
2 medium onions
2 cloves garlic
3 medium potatoes
flanken (short ribs)

Soak the beans overnight. When ready to use, wash them well. Place barley and beans in a large ovenproof pot (earthenware is the real thing). Cover them with water. Dice onions and garlic and add to above. Add potatoes, spices and salt to taste; start with 3/4 tablespoon and adjust later. Set to boiling.

Then lower flame, continue to cook. As the water is absorbed, keep adding more so that there is plenty in the pot at all times. Add the meat about half an hour before Shabbot. The entire cholent should be just covered with water when you place it in the oven for Shabbot. Make sure it doesn't dry out by morning, but don't fall into the trap of making soggy cholent.

By the morning, there should be a nice crust on top. Leave it in the oven at 200 degrees or if your oven is slow, leave it at 250 degrees. Serves 10.

-- Regina Kozak Friedman Kremsdorf, 1900-1984

This is a traditional Jewish meal made just before sundown on Friday night. This would allow the family to enjoy a hot meal on the Sabbath without doing any work. Work is not allowed on the Sabbath. Life would resume a regular routine at sundown on Saturday night.